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HHC Tropical Fruit Gummies 250mg

HHC Tropical Fruit Gummies 250mg

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Ready to fall in love with gummies all over again? HHC gummies offer a delicious way to enjoy all the benefits of HHC, no matter where you find yourself. Our premium HHC gummies are a delicious tropical fruit flavored candy made with potent HHC oil.  Just one of our premium HHC gummies can elevate your entire day from good to great. Explore the new sensations and uplifting feelings only known to those who have experienced Blue Moon Hemp’s premium HHC products.

Hexahydrocannabinol, HHC for short, is a naturally existing cannabinoid said to be at least as potent as Delta 8. Many consumers report its effects are similar to Delta 9 without the  unwanted negatives. HHC is perfect for individuals who are looking for something a little stronger than Delta 8, but not full blown Delta 9. HHC is federally legal because it is hemp-derived and not a derivative of marijuana.


HHC Gummies 250Mg

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